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Legendary and Epic Chests in Clash Royale (And How to get them)

It seems that it will now be easier to get Legendary and Epic cards because the new Epic and Legendary Clash Royale chests arrive. If you’ve been playing Clash Royale for a long time, you’ll know that there’s little chance that you will get an epic card, but even less for legendary one.

Some users have been playing for many months and still have not touched the first, now, it is more accessible.

Legendary and Epic Chests in Clash Royale

We have new chests at Clash Royale from September: Legendary and Epic Clash Royale chests.

Clash Royale said before that they wanted to do legendaries and epics easier to obtain, for the players who only play once in a while and may not spend a lot of money in this game so they can play and be able to unlock all the cards. This sneak peek makes it more possible.  So the first thing I want to talk about is the legendary chest.

Legendary Chests

You can get it free from Battle (Rare)
  • It will occasionally appear in the shop to buy under the Special Offer menu.
  • The Legendary Chest will cost 500 gems (It is enough money).
  • The legendary chest containing a Single (Yet guaranteed) legendary card from any arena. The card doesn’t depend on your current Arena.
  • This chest takes 24 hrs to open.
  • This chest won’t provide any gold, Common or Rare cards.
  • You can buy only one Legendary Chest on one day offer.
  • Very unlikely but you can also get it for free from winning battles.

MythBuster: Don’t get confused in Legendary Chest and Super Megical chest. Legendary Chest gurentee a Legendary Cards but Super Megical chest won’t gurentee at all (Yet, S.M.C. has high chances to land a Legendary card)

Epic Chests

The next thing you might have guessed, the epic chest that is the second new chest.

  • The same idea, it can be won in battles OR,
  • Found in the shop to buy under the Special Offer menu as in the above screenshots.
  • The Epic Chest will appear in the store from time to time to buy (quite often, it is not too rare to come out).
  • You can buy it with gold: 10,000 coins. They can save in a few days playing. 10 Guaranteed Epic Cards.
  • Prices are varying according to your arena.
  • Epic is one and only chest that can be bought for Gold.
  • Either you get it from Shop or battle, It will give you Epic cards from your current Arena and below the arena. You can not get  higher arena Epic cards from Epic Chest
  • This chest won’t provide any gold, Common or Rare cards.
  • Now it will be much easier to raise the levels of epic cards! This is good news for those of us who are Free2play.

Is the Epic Chest worth the 10,000 gold?

I get many of the emails asking that should they buy an epic chest for 10K gold coins or not. Many of players don’t have good experience with premium chest opening so they are afraid of buying them for real money or with their accumulated coins/gems. So here is my answer on that.

Buying epic chest will give you 2x value (10 Guaranteed Epic Cards) from individual purchase from the shop, but you will get random cards without knowing which card you are going to get.

So, The worth of an Epic chest depends upon the player to player. So think the following points before buying an Epic chest for 10000 Coins.

  • Do you use epic cards?
  • How much gold you have and do you have any good card upgrade pending which need gold?
  • And, Are you a F2P.

Buying chests for real money a gamble (lol) well, check the below screenshots.

Is the Epic Chest Offer a good deal

How to get Legendary or Epic Chest in Clash Royale

  • You have to buy Legendary or Epic Chest in the shop under special offers. You will simply have to wait for them to appear in the store. They do not appear every day, but occasionally. Each of them appears to you at least one time per week.
  • Of course, you’ll have to go through cash to buy them or save Gold and Gems.
  • Another option is to wait for them to play for free. It can be won in fights such as a super magical chest.

MythBuster: To buy Legendary chest from shop, it is not required to be in Legendary Arena like to buy Legendary card. Check all ways and possibilities to get a Legendary Card.

What do you think of the new Clash Royale chests epic and legendary? They are great of course to get more epic and legendary cards compared to before.

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