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How to get more Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

The legendary cards are very good because they are usually very strong and also consume little elixir. Unfortunately, unlike epic cards, they can not be obtained by asking for donations to our clan. That’s why it’s even harder to find these cards and level up the ones we already have on our deck.

In this article, I will tell you 7 tricks to get legendary cards in Clash Royale. The truth is that it is not impossible to get them, but I’ll tell you that it’s not easy either. It influences luck, but also how skillful we are, and later you will understand what I mean by this.

Mythbuster! I know there are many guides and cheats out on the internet which claims that when you open your chests in a particular order, you will get a Legendary Card – This is nothing more then non-sense and it does not suppose to work (I know many claims it works). No need to waste your time.

So, Let’s dive into the ways which will actually land a legendary card to us. Sooner or Later.

Get legendary cards in Clash Royale with these 7 tricks

Open any type of Chest

It’s no joke, legendary cards can be hidden in any type of chest available in Clash Royale. Even in the basic wooden chest that we get free every four hours (many have happened).

  • All we have to do is open chests and hope that luck will make us smile at Supercell’s game.
  • The ratio is about 0.02% to get one with each chest we open, but less than a stone if we do not want to spend real money.

Opens chests, as many as you can.

Get a Super Magical Chest

The truth is that it is the easiest way to get legendary cards in Clash Royale. Since although it is not assured, the number of cards contained in this Super magical chest is much larger than any other chest. If we do not have enough patience to get it, there will be nothing left to spend a few dollars on it.

  • These chests will cost you 4,600 gems. You will have to save a lot of gems or use real money to buy them.
  • The chances of getting legendary cards in these coffers are not 100%. There is a 78% chance that you will get one of the legendary cards opening 3 Super Magical chests, so there is also a 22% chance that you will not get any. As you can see, it is an expensive and not completely safe method.

Buy them in the legendary Arena

Yes, You can buy legendary cards, but you need to have more than 3,000 trophies (Arena 8), legendary arena. I myself have bought The Trunk and the Miner.

  • They are pretty expensive and start from 40,000 coins, about 20 dollars. But you can be absolutely sure that you will get the card.
  • The only drawback is that we can not know when the letter will be available in the store. To give you an idea I got The Trunk last Friday and the Miner just yesterday. So they could be more likely to leave on weekends, although it is not something that you know with total certainty.

Get to the legendary arena and do not play

I know that getting to the legendary arena is not easy. If you arrive in the legendary arena and can live without playing, you can wait to see if they appear in the store to buy. So, sure that in a few days you will see the ones you want. And in this way, you can buy them.

  • It is easier and safer than spending gems opening chests. It’s a good strategy, wait until you get them.

If you are going to buy gems, open silver chests

Another strategy that works is to spend the gems opening silver chests instead of buying the expensive chests. Because it is proven that a super magical chest won’t make sure that you will get a legendary card in it.

  • However, if you are releasing holes by opening the silver chests for a few gems, you will then have more chances for the golden chests, Giant or Super magical chest.
  • By the way, you’ll be opening more chests and they can also land you legendary card in the cheapest chest.

Do not go down on purpose, that’s a mistake

You do not need to be in a lower arena just because a legendary card is there. Do not fall into the trap. This is not necessary. What you have to do is play until you find yourself in the legendary arena and try to find a balance.

You need to be in an arena equal to or greater than the one in which the card is found. In this case, the ice wizard is in the arena 5, and the princess in the arena 7. Remember that you do not have to go down the arena much less to find the letter, it may appear the same, it just depends on your luck.

  • Arena 4: Lava Hound and Inferno Tower.
  • Arena 5: Ice Wizard and Graveyard.
  • Arena 6: Sparky and Miner and The Trunk.
  • Arena 7: Princess and Electro-Wizard.
  • Arena 8: Lumberjack.
  • Arena 9: Bandit
  • Arena 10: Coming Soon

You can find legendary cards from the arena 4.

Save as many coins as you can

From experience, I’m telling you to save coins, because when you reach the legendary arena you will need to buy the legendary cards and go to safety. There are many and if you are lucky you will touch some every week. They are also in the free chests, but I was never so lucky to be touched. The only legendary cards that touched me in the chest were a princess and lava hound, The Trunk and Miner bought them.

Final Words

First of all, think if you really need a legendary card in Clash Royale. In my case, of all that I have only use the princess. I’m still wondering if using the ice wizard for the freeze because although it spends one less of elixir and is quite annoying, it is not working out as well as the freezing. But over time I’m sure I get the best strategy because at first the princess was not enough for me and now it’s imperative.The key is to play, to learn to play with those cards in our

The key is to play, to learn to play with those cards in our team because each team is a world. You have to train a lot to master them and be the best.

With these tricks and tips, you’ll get faster with legendary cards. Legendaries are very good cards, but they will not work if you do not train much and for this, you have to lose games or fight against the members of your clan. That’s why we always recommend trying decks.In addition to these, it is good that you discover how the entire Clash Royale chests cycle works.

In addition to these, it is good that you discover how the entire Clash Royale chests cycle works.

Do you have the Legendary? I still want to do the mining (I love it). Do not hesitate to tell me in the comments if it has been helpful, and everything you need to know about these cards.

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