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How to Get More Epic Cards in Clash Royale

If you play Clash Royale, you have surely wondered how to get epic cards in Clash Royale. These cards are more complicated to get than the common and rare, but easier than the legendary cards, which are the hard bone of gnawing Supercell. So in this article, we tell you how you can make them.

Over the months in the game, there have been changes, and we have more ways to get epic cards in Clash Royale. In this guide, we summarize them.

Get Epic cards in Clash Royale

These are all ways to get epic cards in Clash Royale in 2017:

In any Chest

You can get epic cards in any chest, luckily. So it is a good idea to open all the chests we get playing. As many as you can.

  • The percentage we have to get an epic card with the free chest (crowns chest or the chest which we get after each 4 hrs) is very low – about 0.45%. And we already talked about a legendary card the percentage drops even more – about 0.2%.
  • However, in many special events or challenges, epic and free cards are guaranteed.
  • The more epic cards, in general, appear in the Giant, Magical or Super Magical Chests. Magical and super-magic chests always have epic letters inside them, although we already know that these Chests are quite complicated to get. If we do not want to spend money on the game, we can only play and play until we get good Chests. It takes much longer, but you get to the same point as spending money.
  • There is also an Epic chest that guarantees you many epic cards. The epic chest can be bought for coins or you can also go out for free. Check all possible ways to get an Epic Chest.

The epic chest guarantees you epic cards. In the other chest, they can leave or not.

In the store: On Epic Sunday

You can also get epic cards to buy in the store, especially epic Sundays. that come out 6 cards instead of 3 and the probability of getting the epic you need increases.

  • Buy Cards: On Epic Sunday, there are 6 cards instead of 3 to buy with Gold. 3 of them are Epic ones.
  • Buy Chats: You can always buy chests containing Epic cards for Gems. We won’t recommend it as we prefer to spend Gems or Money on more valuable Legendary cards.
  • Save gems, exchange them for money and buy the cards: As we already explained in our guide to get gems, there are very varied ways to get the premium coin(Gems) of Clash Royale, but it will take some time to collect a good amount of gems. Once we have enough, we will need to know how to spend the gems on the Supercell title. Our best option to spend gems is to exchange them for gold coins to go to the store and buy the epic charts that interest us. The barter of all life.

Ask them to the clan: On Epic Sunday

The Sunday is the only day of the week you can ask epic clan cards. Take advantage because you will only be able to do this day, since the other days you can not ask for Epics. It’s the best way to get epic cards for free!

  • Be in a clan and donate actively: The last option we have to get epic cards is to be in a clan and stay very active, donating as many cards as we can.
  • If there is a good atmosphere in the clan we can try to donate some epic card that we do not want if we do not use that troop. And possibly receive an epic card in return. This clearly depends on the people in the clan. If there are good vibrations there will always be the possibility of receiving cards.
  • Remember that nobody likes to give and not receive. So we will have to be active in the clan, or have lots of luck.

Final Words

These are all ways to get epic cards in Clash Royale. Remember, the more you play the game and you will get more chests. More chests you open means greater the chances of Epic cards and other wonderful things.

Have you become clearer how to get epic cards in Clash Royale? If you have doubts you can leave us a comment on the page.

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