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Clash Royale Winning Tips and Tricks

Clash Royale is a tremendously addictive game of the company Supercell – creators of the famous Clash of Clans. And we find a Tower Defense style game with Short online battles against real players, a mechanic that forces you to keep fighting again and again.

So we present you some basic and advanced tips to win all the games we play. If you want to be the best in Clash Royale, follow these tips and tricks to level up quickly, create a suitable deck and to win games:

Clash Royale Guide

So, once my phone’s battery is finished, I will take some time to leave you this ultimate guide with Clash Royale tips and tricks. After reading that you will have more chances to win and defend with safety steps.

0. Clash Royale Basic Tips

  • Wait until the elixir bar is full when you start: The elixir is recharged continuously during the game, and if we are lucky, we will have good cards to start the game with. Ideally, wait until the bar is full and our opponent puts his first card on the table to respond appropriately.
  • Have low-cost cards to throw: It is also important to have low-cost cards to entertain the rival troops while we wait to get the heavy artillery out. We should not let the bar stay stuck to the max elixir point without throwing any cards, as that can hurt us in the game.
  • Defend when necessary: It seems silly to say it, but many times we obsess in attacking without stopping to throw the first tower, and that leaves us quite exposed. Sometimes it is better to spend our elixir on putting some defensive troops. Saving our tower from being destroyed should be our first priority. Remember to find balance and defend when necessary.
  • Know the troops and how they work: It’s no use having an epic card – for example – and throwing it without knowing very well what its strong point. For example, musketeers are great at attacking from a distance, but they need the support of a tank that goes ahead to absorb the damage. To reach the enemy towers we will need to know which troops to use, so it is important to become familiar with the cards.
  • Save the gold to improve the troops we know: If in the previous point we talk about knowing the troops, in this we can say that it is better to keep our gold to improve the warriors that we use or plan to use. Gold is not as abundant as we would like, so we must try to invest them wisely in leveling the cards we know and use.

With these simple tips it is possible to start experimenting with different game tactics to see which ones are most effective, although Clash Royale has a lot more ahead, so do not miss any of our news, since we will teach you how to smash in all the Games you play.

1. Time in Clash Royale is a Strategy Factor

This game offers battles of 3 minutes and to win we will have to destroy more towers than our rival. If we destroy opponent’s main tower, Game will over and we will win. Of course, in the case of a tie the game goes into overtime and gives us more 60 Sec. of time. At the overtime, we get more elixir to bring cards and the battle is more fierce.

Pro Tip: One possible winning strategy is to weaken a tower and leave it to the point of destruction while defending ours. Thus, when the time is near to exhaustion we will be able to focus on destroying it and thus to win although it is minimal.

This strategy can be interesting when we do not have much experience or our opponent’s cards outnumber us slightly. Be careful when the battle goes into sudden death. It is then that our opponent will attack with everything he has and we should not unprotect our towers. Sometimes the pressure of time can make us lose our sanity. In addition, more experienced players will try to distract us if they have knocked down a tower more than we do so that time runs out and we can not match their mark.

Note: Do not forget that winning even without destroying the main tower will give us the same ranking points, but also fewer level chests and fewer crowns (one crown point per destroyed tower).

2. Chests, Gold, and Gems

Clash Royale is a Freemium game, which means that the people of Supercell have to get impatient for us to release money in exchange for advantages. In Clash Royale the main resource is gold. This one is in chests that will give us from time to time or when winning battles. With gold, we can improve our cards and become more powerful.

The chests take a while to open and will force us to wait hours, a clear strategy of psychological pressure to make us pay. This time can be shortened by spending Gems (A premium indirect resource that is rear to get for free). Check our guide on How to Collect and Spend Gems.

Pro Tip: If we spend our initial gems quickly we will have the feeling that we are waiting too long and that we no longer grow at the same rate. Better to have patience than to start scratching our wallet, keep that in mind.

3. Better wait to face people with too much level

Spinning with the previous point, we will have to take into account that as we win battles we will face players with an equal level of high that ours. There will come a time when we can not win and we will be stuck. At this point, don’t despair and rest a little. Find the number of trophies at which we can struggle. Win more battles, open more chests for Cards+Gold and improve card levels.

If we are facing someone with very superior cards the best strategy is a good defense. Pray that the time is over and be in a tie. That way we will not win or lose. Some players are frustrated and leave the game, which I do not recommend you do. So, at least you can train your way to defend yourself from the enemy.

Pro Tip: Do not lower your guard, if you see that the other does not do anything will be waiting to gather points and throw something very powerful. Better to wait and counter it with the most appropriate cards.

4. Do not forget to raise your cards level

The level of the Clash Royale cards implies the degree of damage and health of a character in the game. Game count the number of each type of cards we have and it allows raising the card level if the number of cards we have crossed the counter. These numbers depend upon card level.

Collect more and more cards found in chests or buy from the store section with gold (this option changes every day), or get them as a donation from your clan. After that, you can once the counter is full you have to pay some gold to level up a card. Again, the amount of gold required depending upon the level of the card.

5. Strategically select the cards

One of the toughest decisions of the game is to pick your cards in a balanced deck to attack and to fender with guarantees. It is important that it be varied to be able to face different hazards.

In the cards section, you can check the information of any card as well as visualize your battle deck. The best thing for a winning strategy is to balance the attack and defense cards. Here are some suggestions to have the perfect team:

  • It includes a unit that is dedicated, solely, to the attack on the towers. The Giant and the Prince are very good choices.
  • Take charge of spells. As you know, the Fireball can easily win a tricky match. The freeze spell is also ideal, in this case, to stop fierce attacks.
  • Keep a balance on the elixir expenses of your cards. Do not have a deck with all the low cards, or with all high cards.
  • Have at least one epic card (very powerful characters).
  • A card to wear out assault forces (the Army of Skeletons or the Minions are good).
  • Some tank to provide protection to your attacking cards like Giants, Royal Giant or Golem. This balance in the deck will allow you to deal with any situation.

ProTip: In Clash Royale battle it is a good strategy to reserve your best cards to be able to surprise the enemy afterward, or while probing what he can have. Once discarded some that would do us special damage we can anticipate their movements.In addition, if the other has thrown a very powerful card that would destroy our best asset, it is best to throw something that weakens it. So, just after we will throw ours and the other will not be able to react in time.

In addition, if the opponent has thrown a very powerful card that would destroy our best asset, it is best to throw something that weakens it. So, just after we will throw ours and the enemy will not be able to react in time.

6. Display the appropriate cards at any time

Precisely, in Clash Royale there are cards that defeat others easily without you are still being very powerful can not do anything.

For example, a Valkyrie will do us a lot of damage in a tower, but the Minions will kill her immediately without her being able to attack them. Or the Army of Skeletons, which will quickly destroy a Giant. Nevertheless, the Valquiria barrier to the Skeletons at once.

Given this, the strategy is to think that the opponent knows how to defeat our cards, for example, the Giant. He will launch an army of skeletons as soon as the Giant approaches. But if we wait to gather enough points and launch a Giant and a Valkyrie, the latter will kill the skeletons and our Giant will reach the enemy tower.

7. Assault Combo

Following what has been said in the previous point, we will have to make intelligent combos to win. In the case of assault, one of my favorite combos is to launch a Giant and a Balloon at the same time. This combination will sacrifice one of the two forces because there is no card that can attack both at the same time. Thus, while one character is attacked the other will come to destroy the enemy fortification.Later, we will decide either to keep attacking with more cards or defend us. Our opponent will lose them by defending against the scabbard we have done. Exploring these types of combos will allow us to generate a winning strategy.

Later, we will decide either to keep attacking with more cards or defend us. Our opponent will lose by defending against the scabbard we have done. Exploring these types of combos will allow us to generate a winning strategy.

8. Don’t Neglect Nearby Land

Be careful because the other Clash Royale players are not silly at all. They may also a regilar reader of ClashXP

While you are thinking of attacking, you must keep in mind that if one of your side towers has been destroyed there is an entry point for the opponent. Suddenly you will see how assault combos appear very close to your center tower and you will have to defend yourself. It is interesting to take advantage of the cannons of your towers to weaken the assault forces.

ProTip: To do this, simply place a Hut or inferno tower halfway between the enemy and the main tower. The enemy forces will go to this tower while receiving the fire of your towers. That is a Good time to play Knight or a Valkyrie to repel the attack.

9. Check the Tower

The main tower of our enemy is the key to winning. Before going for it, we will have to destroy one or both adjoining towers. It is best to focus on one first. To choose it we can wait for the other attack on one side. If we consider that the cannons of our defense are sufficient to repel that attack then we will not defend ourselves and attack with a good attack combo on the other side. As our enemy has already attacked before, we will have fewer points remaining and it will take some time to deploy some defensive force to counteract our attack.

Once we have an enemy tower destroyed, we can deploy an advanced Goblins’ hut in the enemy territory and send from there a Giant or a Balloon (you will have guessed they are my favorite assault forces). At that moment the opponent will try to defend himself with everything he has.

ProTip: If we launch attack cards they may entertain themselves fighting the defenses and never reach the tower. That is why taking advantage of the cards that only attack towers and combining them with a Knight or Goblin that protects them can be the key. Once you have access to the enemy’s land, he attacks without mercy, continuously. At least if you do not manage to knock down the main tower, you will win minimally.

10. Clans

Clash Royale does not take too much of the clans. Still, belonging to one of them brings benefits. Having a good level in ‘Clash Royale’ is essential to get better items or improve cards.

  • We will be able to ask our favorite cards to its members and can also donate them in exchange for gold.
  • There is also the option for the friendly fight against them, which can serve as training.
  • There is a chat to talk about the game and strengthen our geek side.

11. Wait for the opponent to attack first or use a very low-cost card

The first move is always the one that costs the most, since both we and the rival are waiting for the first card to come out on the sand. Obviously, we can not wait forever for the opponent to move tab, but from experience, using any card seems to suddenly activate the game. We can try a very low-cost card while filling the elixir, like goblins or arrows.

12. Anticipate the movements of the rival troops

By this, we mean to intelligently use our containment letters. For example, it is much more effective to throw a fireball or shower of arrows a few steps ahead of the destiny of the rival troops, otherwise, we will fail tragically. As this is not chess, against experienced opponents it will be very difficult to read the movements, but we can make the most of our weapons. Or at least do not throw them away.

13. Take into account the elixir expense of the rival

If we want to take seriously the battles that we free to play to win, we will have to do some math in the course of the game. It is also not necessary to take out the calculator, but we must take into account from the maximum available elixir the cards that the rival is drawing.

Example: if our opponent uses a Giant together with a Prince, that means that he has nothing left of elixir and must wait, so we can move the tab to knock down his troops and attack on the other side.

14. Do not send low health troops as a group

Be careful with this, because it can make us lose the cards in a very silly way. We are in a scenario where the bulk of the action is on one side of the arena, and we decided to send low-cost troops on the other side to distract attention.

If we have taken well the count of the elixir that has spent the rival and we decided to attack, we must keep in mind that a ball of fire in the middle level can finish with all the troops of the blow. Therefore, no agglutinate troops to attack, if we do not want to lose them all.

15. Learn to use elixir to win matches

Clan Royale matches are usually very even since opponents are usually on the same level as you. To win this type of collision, you must learn to use the elixir to decant the game in your favor:

  • Have your opponent’s elixir checked? Stay tuned for the cards your opponent throw to attack or defend. Only thus will you know if in the last seconds of battle you have a greater elixir than the rival. In that case, you will know that the opponent will not be able to respond to your final attack.
  • During the first three-quarters of the game try to use cards of average consumption of elixir but are able to reach the rival tower. The Baby Dragon or the Giant are good choices.
  • Get to the last 20 seconds of battle with elixir advantage over your opponent. After defending the final attack of your rival you will not be able to arrive at the whole elixir bar. So make sure you get to the end of the game with at least 5 more units, enough advantage to win that battle that costs so much.

Final Words

Clans are the least advantage of Clash Royale in my opinion. Otherwise, it is a tremendously addictive game that will make us leave our eyes and fingers.

After applying and internalizing our tips and tips for winning, we can now implement more advanced techniques of defense and attack, using our most effective strategies.

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