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Clash Royale Legendary Cards | Best cards you can get

So, What is the best legendary Clash Royale card?

The September Clash Royale update has brought great new features to the game: new epic and legendary coffers and an increased chance of getting legendary cards. The truth is that, since the patch came out, many free-to-play players who have spent time after a legendary card are meeting their expectations and these cards are becoming more popular.

With so much legendary release, many players are not sure which is the correct way to play each card. In this article, we show you different examples of playing with each legendary card, some recommended decks, and a popularity ranking to help you decide which is the best legendary card in Clash Royale. Ready? Let’s start!

8. Sparky

  • Attack 75%
  • Defense 35%
  • Difficulty 60%

In the last position of the ranking, we find Sparky, a card that enjoys a particular popularity in the rank of the 2,500-3,500 trophies, but that rarely is seen in the superior levels of the Legendary Arena by being easily counter resettable.

Sparky is a motorized glass cannon, a troop capable of inflicting much damage but also very vulnerable. If you play with Sparky, the first thing to know is that you should always be protected behind other troops to avoid being destroyed quickly. In this sense, the Giant is one of the best troops to play the role of tank and escort Sparky to their target, which is none other than the rival tower.

Given the popularity of the Ice Spirit, Unleashing spell, and Ray’s newly acquired ability to stun rivals, Sparky rarely achieves its goal, so it is at placed forefront of this legendary card ranking.

Sparky is a relatively weak unit, be sure to include support troops in your deck to reinforce your advance. If you are going to play with Sparky, it is better to opt for a Control type deck, since you will need to generate an elixir advantage before you can launch your expensive combo.

Some variants of Sparky deck include Giant or Miner (tank the tower while Sparky is approaching) or Royal Giant (tank the remote tower while Sparky can comfortably deal with cleaning the defenses and the tower).

How to play with Sparky

One of the most common decks with Sparky is the combo of Sparky + Giant:

  • First of all, summon the Giant behind the king’s tower to have enough time to recover the elixir as the Giant advances to the enemy tower.
  • When the Giant surpasses your tower of archers, it invokes Sparky after the tower of the king.
  • Wait until Giant and Sparky begin to cross the bridge and see what the rival defends.
  • Place support troop(s) based on the troops the opponent is using to defend (for example, if you use light troops you can use Princess or Bomber).
  • Rate if it’s worth continuing to support the attack or, if it is not viable, Abort it and dedicate yourself to defend until you can throw your combo again

7. Inferno Dragon

  • Attack 70%
  • Defense 60%
  • Difficulty 55%

The Inferno Dragon is a medium cost card that functions as a Flying Mobile Inferno Tower. It is a fairly resistant troop (it has more life than the Dragon Baby), with a moderate speed and can attack both air and land targets. In most decks the Inferno Dragon plays the role of victory condition and, although it is customary to use it for offensive purposes, works extremely well to stop attacks with large tanks such as Giant, PEKKA or Golem.

The Inferno Dragon falls into the category of control charts, content cost attached to its great potential against tanks placed him as a letter versatile regarding defense/attack. In short, the Inferno Dragon is not a bad card, which puts him so little in the ranking is that, similar to what happens to Sparky, it is easy to distract/counteract and to shine you need a mallet built around to the.

How to play with Inferno Dragon

A good way to play the Inferno Dragon is to use it to counter a rival attack and then build a counterattack around it. In the following example we detail how:

  • If the opponent launches an attack with a large tank, like the Golem, PEKKA or Giant, uses the Inferno Dragon to finish the tank.
  • Eliminate all other attacking troops efficiently. Your Inferno Dragon must survive.
  • The counterattack begins.
  • Place the Giant on the bridge to act as a tank for your Inferno Dragon.
  • Summon support troops to cover the advance, try to anticipate the cards that the opponent plays in defense.
  • The primary objective is for the Inferno Dragon to reach the tower, if it does, in just a few seconds the tower will be reduced to debris.

6. Lumberjack

  • Attack 75%
  • Defense 40%
  • Difficulty 60%

The Lumberjack has undergone several modifications in the latest patches. The balance of these changes has been positive in the end and places the Lumberjack as a balanced chart and with a large potential if it is known to use correctly.

The Lumberjack is a medium-cost troop with a very fast attack and movement speed that, upon dying, releases a rage spell that affects allied troops nearby. The most common strategy with the Lumberjack is to place him behind a tank to get him to reach the enemy tower so that, when he dies, the spell of Fury helps the allied troops that accompany him to bring down the tower.

The weakness of the Lumberjack is that it is a relatively weak troop, if the rival defends correctly and/or manages to distract the Lumberjack from his target his ability will prove useless. Protect it as you would with a Musketeer, try to keep it safe behind a tank whenever possible to reach your goal.

How to play with Lumberjack

The Lumberjack combines well with the Giant in the attack, as it provides good cover to advance to the enemy tower. Here is an example of a game:

  • Summon the Giant behind the king’s tower.
  • Once the Giant reaches the bridge, invoke the Lumberjack along with other support troops behind him (Minions, Goblins, etc.).
  • If necessary, help the entourage reach the tower with spells like Poison or Rage.
  • From this point, the following two scenarios are the most desirable. Either the Giant dies, and the Lumberjack reaches the tower, tanking the rest of support troops OR the Lumberjack dies first, so that the Giant and the rest of support troops will be benefited by the spell of Fury that releases upon dying.

5. Lava Hound

  • Attack 80%
  • Defense 15%
  • Difficulty 70%

The Lava Hound is one of the best tanks in the game and the only one that exists. An attack with Lava Hound in combination with Balloon or Miner is a grave threat to any player.

Its high cost of elixir makes it a risky card to play. If the opponent manages to counteract our attack, we will be in a worrying situation. Therefore, it is not an easy card to play and requires some experience to interpret when we must discard an attack and concentrate our efforts on defending.

How to play with Lava Hound

One of the most effective strategies is the Lava Hound + Miner combo, which invokes the Miner in the rival tower just before the Lava Hound explodes releasing the offspring so that the Miner will act as a tank for the Lava Hound. Below is an example of a game using this combo:

  • It begins by invoking the Lava Hound behind the tower of archers.
  • When you are about to cross the bridge invoke support troops(s), look at the troops that the rival uses to defend and act accordingly.
  • Once you cross the bridge, the Lava Hound will act as a tank while your support troops will take care of the defenses.
  • When the Lava Hound is about to die, decide if it is worth casting the Miner to act as a tank or discard the attack and reserve the elixir to defend.

What sets good players apart is that they know when to support the Hound and when not, this requires some experience and is not always simple.

4. Ice Wizard

  • Attack 35%
  • Defense 75%
  • Difficulty 30%

The Ice Wizard is one of the best support units in the game, especially considering that it only costs three elixir points. His unique ability to slow down his targets with each impact allows him to delay any attack, allowing us to gain time to better plan the next move.

Ice Wizard is a troop versatile, so it has a place in many types of decks: Hog Rider Deck, Payfecta Deck (miner, princes, Ice Wizard) or Royal giant deck among others. Besides, it is a relatively strong unit with 665 life points at level 1, which allows you to stay in the rear and damage/slow down enemy units, being able to resist several hits without problems.

A single Ice Wizard with the help of the tower can end up with a great variety of troops like Valkyrie, Musketeer, MegaHolder, MiniPekka or Dark Prince. His ability to attack aerial troops makes him perfect for almost any situation. Because of its low damage, it is rather a troop Control, with a more focused control attacks rival eliminate enemy units alone the skill. Use it in combination with other low-cost troops or with defensive structures to achieve a favorable elixir exchange in almost any situation.

How to play with Ice Wizard

Although the Ice Mage shines especially in defense, it also has potential as a support in attack. Here is a scenario where you can act in an attack in combination with the Royal Giant:

  • Summons the Royal Giant behind the king’s tower.
  • Once the Royal Giant reaches the bridge, place the Ice Wizard right behind him.
    Wait to see how the opponent reacts, depending on the troops he places as a defense, he values supporting the attack or discarding it to concentrate on defending.

3. Princess

  • Attack 40%
  • Defense 70%
  • Difficulty 35%

In the third position, we find the Princess, a low-cost support letter (3 elixirs) that has been present in the game since its inception.

Before the nerf that received in summer of 2016 (affecting the area of effect of its shot) was considered by many as the best card of the game. After the nerf, It remains one of the most legendary. It is versatile, efficient, inexpensive and remains the unit ranged attack with a wider range of game. Despite being a very fragile unit, its wide range of attack makes it an inconvenient letter to counter if we do not have a Miner on hand.

Its wide range and area of effect make it a very powerful card to defend large groups of troops, especially Barbarians or Minion Horde. It is also useful as support in attack where he quickly neutralizes the troops of low cost that rival use as a distraction.

The Princess is a very versatile card and therefore has a hole in various types of deck. Currently, the most common decks that Princess usually wear are Hog Rider Deck, Miner Deck as well as some of the most classic deck like Trifecta Deck (Musketeer, Valkyrie, Hog Rider) or Double Prince Deck (Prince & Dark Prince).

How to play with Princess

Princess is an example of the offensive use of the Princess in a Hog Rider Deck:

  • It begins by invoking the Princess behind the tower of the king.
  • Once the Princess surpasses the height of the tower of archers, it throws to Hog Rider from the bridge supported by light troops (Goblin/ Skeletons / Minions).
  • When the rival places his troops/structures to defend the Hog Rider, these will be reached by the Princess.
  • Most of the time the opponent will be forced to use some spell or troop only to finish your Princess; otherwise, the Princess will continue reaching its tower indefinitely.

When you defend attacks with Giant or Miner with the Princess, place it on the opposite side of the board, in this way you will attack first the light troops that the rival places behind the tank. If you do not do that, your Princess is most likely to end up firing at the tank, while the ranged attack troops feed on your tower.

2. Miner

  • Attack 70%
  • Defense 70%
  • Difficulty 25%

The best legendary troop of the game is, undoubtedly, the Miner. Miner is an extremely unit mobile and versatile, with great potential both in attack and defense. Its low cost (3 elixirs) also allows cycling quickly in any deck. In the current game scenario, the Miner is only one card which can easily end two popular and very dangerous cards: Elixir Gatherer and the Princess.

Once invoked, the Miner goes through a tunnel excavated under the ground to the desired location, being unreachable until it does not emerge back to the surface. Once it reaches its destination, it can withstand a respectable amount of damage, acting as a tank for light troops like the Minions or Goblins.

The Miner can fit into a variety of decks, as with other famous legendary cards. However, unlike these other legendary, the Miner also has an archetype of his deck: have you heard of the “chip-damage” deck? It is a style of play in which small but effective attacks are launched to weaken the opponent’s defenses slowly.

How to play with Miner

As we said, the Miner also fits perfectly into Control type decks. In this case, we will wait for the opponent to launch his attack and counter with the Miner generating an elixir advantage for us. Below is an example of a game in a deck of Control with Miner, Inferno Tower, and Bowler:

  • The opponent initiates an attack with Trifecta (Musketeer, Valkyrie, Hog Rider), responds with Bowler and Inferno Tower to distract and to neutralize the attack.
  • While the Inferno Tower ends the Hog Rider, Bowler takes care of the support troops.
  • Bowler will survive the attack, so it’s time to plan the counterattack. Summon some light troopers like Goblins to the side of the Bowler before it crosses the bridge and immediately invokes the Miner in the rival tower to act as a tank.
  • The Miner will absorb the damage, tanking the tower and allowing the Goblins to reach the tower while the Bowler will neutralize the defenses placed by the rival.

1. The Trunk

  • Attack 35%
  • Defense 80%
  • Difficulty 25%

Nobody would have said it just a few weeks ago, but The Trunk has reached the top of the rankings of popularity, positioning itself as the best legendary card of Clash Royale. After the last changes of balance, replacing Poison and with A faster and more efficient ability to roll: now The Trunk can push ANOTHER ground troop ( Giants and Sparks included) and does 8% more damage.

It must be remembered that, in its beginnings, when it first appeared in Clash Royale, The Log was barely a piece of wood that pushed only light ground troops and did a minimal amount of damage. At the time, its effect was very limited and was used to eliminate cards like the Princess. A few months have passed since then, and after several updates, it has finally become an essential card in many types of deck. Its low cost, only 2 points of elixir, combined with a high effectiveness in defense, makes it an obligatory inclusion card in Control and Cycle decks.

How to play with The Trunk

The Trunk is fundamentally a defensive spell and 99% of the time it must be played well, to repel an enemy attack and generate an elixir advantage. The following example shows the correct way to play The Trunk to repel a combined attack with Hog Rider:

  • The rival summons his Hog Rider from the bridge along with some other support troops.
  • In case we do not have defensive structures. First, we must play a counter like the MiniPekka.
  • Then plays The Trunk to push back the Hog Rider just before it reaches the tower, also killing the light troops the rival has used as support.
  • Finally, build a counterattack led by the MiniPekka and accompanied by support troops.
  • If you are playing a Cycle deck, you can try to cycle your cards to get back to The Trunk and play it offensively, knowing that the rival will not be able to launch a new Hog Rider attack soon.

Bonus: Graveyard

  • Attack 85%
  • Defense 25%
  • Difficulty 40%

It’s only a few weeks before the Graveyard officially launches in Clash Royale, but with the information we already have, it’s not risky to make a prediction about what its role will be in the game.

The Graveyard costs five elixir points and is an invocation spell that can be played anywhere on the pitch, with an effect similar to that of the Goblin Barrel. Once invoked, the Graveyard takes 1.5 seconds to start summoning skeletons, at a rate of one every 0.5 seconds and up to a maximum of 8 skeletons at a time. The skeletons are randomly invoked in a radius of the size of the Fury. Also, when one skeleton dies, another will appear, up to a maximum of 20 skeletons. The Graveyard is more risky to play than the Barrel of Goblins because of its high cost,

Given its effect, the best cards to counter the Graveyard are the Valkyrie, the lumberjack or Guards, although other light troops as Archers or Minions are also an excellent choice.

While its primary use will be offensive, the Graveyard also has some potential in defense and reactive letter because it can quickly destroy the Elixir Collector or counter cards like Bowler, Inferno Dragon or Sparky distracting his attention while other troops are responsible Of destroying them.

How to play with Graveyard

A good strategy with the Graveyard is to launch an attack with a tank like the Giant or the Miner and, when the tower sets its target in the tank, play the Graveyard near the rival tower. This strategy can be countered with the classic combo of Trifecta deck, Valkyrie against skeletons and Mini PEKKA against the Giant. Here’s how to play this strategy:

  • Summon the Giant behind the king’s tower.
  • When the Giant crosses the bridge, play supporting cards behind him like the Musketeer or Mini PEKKA, forcing the opponent to defend this threat.
  • If the opponent overreaches in defense and sends too many troops to end your attack, you’re in luck …
  • Summon the Graveyard in the tower of archers, but never directly above it: it is better to do it on an outer side, to avoid that your skeletons activate the tower of the king. Defending troops will be distracted by finishing off the Giant, and your newly invoked skeletons will be able to complete the tower in seconds.

So far our first ranking to find the best legendary Clash Royale card, I hope you enjoyed the reading and found it interesting. As always, if you have any doubts do not forget to leave your comment!

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