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How to Collect and Spend Gems in Clash Royale (Wisely)

In Clash Royale we have two coins inside the game. The first is gold, which will allow us to buy cards for our deck. The second is the premium Gems of the game, and it’s pretty scarce, but we tell you how to collect more and more gems in Clash Royale.

Ways to Collect More Gems in Clash Royale

Open Chests

The first way is obviously to play more, get Chests and wait for them to be unlocked. Each Chest will contain a few Gems. So our tail of Chests should always be full and active, with a chest in the process of being unlocked. This method is slow but very effective, and there will always be gems waiting for us at the bottom of each chest. No matter how few, they will raise the number of gems of our account, so the unlocking of Chests must always be working.

Complete the Achievements

There are not many achievements in Clash Royale, but they are very simple to complete and will provide us with a handful of gems. They range from completing games and winning crowns to unlocking cards, so do not forget to take a look to know our progress and focus on doing what we ask the achievement to get those gems. It is fast and quite simple.

Use App App Bounty or Tap Loot

This is the most effective way to get some extra quick fast gems in Clash Royale. The only thing we need to do is use one of those two applications to get credits by downloading the games that tell us to test them (with a few minutes will suffice) and then we can remove them from our phone or tablet. With these credits, we can get a gift card in the application store, which we will use to buy gems in the game. That’s it, with a little patience we will have a good lot of gems for free in Clash Royale.

How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

With above three steps, we will be able to win a good amount of gems in Clash Royale, although the difficult thing arrives when we decide in which to invest them. While raising our number of gems, do not forget to go through our tips and tricks to win as well as to climb the level fast, get lots of gold and to win streaks. A help always comes in handy for rapping in Clash Royale.

We know that collecting gems in Clash Royale is not a simple task. Since they are the premium coin of the game, they are quite rare and we will not get them as often as we would like. So when it comes time to spend them we are in a difficult position.

I don’t want to buy any Gem!

Spending the gems depends on how much real money we are willing to spend on the Clash Royale. Assuming that we want to play completely free and without spending a single Dollar, we will start by getting gems as fast as possible either by opening chests or applications like App Bounty and Blah Blah.

  • Once we reach 500 gems, our best option is to exchange them directly for 10,000 gold coins.
  • Don’t use in the Chests that are available to buy for Gems.
  • Don’t even redeem the pack of 100 gems per 1,000 gold coins, It is much better to spend 500 gems for 10k gold coins. as we will get double the coins literally.
  • With those 10,000 gold coins in our account, we can go to the store and buy a few rare cards. You should definitely buy cards if it is one of our favorite troops in store.
  • Plus point is the price for cards are not very high for the first levels.
  • On the other hand, with that gold coins, we can buy the epic cards of the store, which are the ones that make the difference. Epic cards are only available once a week.
  • The store will offer us epic cards that we will see, so if we do not like the available epic cards then we can wait for the next batch of cards.

In short, it is best to trade the gems for gold to get epic cards that will help us to make winning streaks and level up fast.  We can also buy some rare or common and donate them to get more gold.

I can sometimes buy Gems

On the other hand, if we are willing to spend money on Clash Royale, we can always buy the largest chest and redeem the remaining gems for money. That chest is very very attractive, but it will give us random cards. It all depends on the money we want to invest in the clash royale, of course.

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