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Clash Royale Best Epic Cards

One of the most important aspects of Clash Royale is the cards. In the successful Supercell Game, it is vital to put together a good deck to be the kings of every battle. In this article, we are going to recommend the best Epic cards to finish making a spectacular hand.

21 Executioner

Here we have one of the best epic cards in the game. Thanks to its long range, area damage and attacking ground and air, it becomes a great card to use instead of a witch or a wizard.

Thanks to the spatter damage generated by his ax, he becomes a perfect troop to attack many units at once. You can use it against Minion Horde, Skeletons army etc successfully. How to use the executioner and recommended decks.

  • The executioner unlocks in Arena 9, the jungle sand.
  • The mini PEKKA is the best card to counter it

20 Clone Spell

We have another epic spell in Clash Royale. It will duplicate all allies in the target area, but the newly created troops will only have one hit point.

The created troops will push the original troops to the left and do not clone structures. The advantage is that it can clone very strong troops with a low cost of elixir but can be quickly countered with arrows, zap. How to use the clone spell and recommended decks.

  • The Clone spell is unlocked in Arena 8.

19 Tornado

A new epic spell for Clash Royale . When it launches it will drag all the enemy troops to the center of the tornado and also will cause them damage. Only affects troops, structures will not suffer damage.

It is very effective against large groups of troops such as the army of skeletons or when many troops join together.

Combine perfectly with the Valkyrie, you can drag all the units to a point where the Valkyrie is and so that it ends easily .

  • The Tornado unlock in arena 6.

18 Bowler

This big blue-skinned man likes simple things: a good swallow of dark elixir as he throws some stones. The huge rocks bounce off their targets and continue to advance . That is killing two birds with one stone!

Certainly a card that will completely eradicate the “choceras” strategies that give us so much courage. It only attacks land units . It perfectly matches with Giant by performing the tank and lance function by cleaning everything .

  • The Bowler unlock in arena 8.

17 Guards

This card will generate three skeletons, but in this one, unlike the common skeletons, will be well equipped with shields, helmets and swords. The good thing about this card is that they have double life, losing the first bar of life will simply lose the extra equipment but continue to attack. They are larger than normal skeletons about the size of a bomber.

  • The guards unlock in arena 7.
  • Your heel rentals are fire spirits and Wizards so be careful to abuse them when you see that your rival throws some of them.

16 Mirror

As the name implies, it is a mirror that the only thing that will do will be to deploy the previously deployed troop with the only condition that it will cost you a more expensive elixir.

Eye with this card if it is wisely used, can make you win a game, the problem can be the cost, that we can afford to spend the elixir necessary to launch the previous troop and pay one more. If you get it and tell me what it seems to you, as you have used it and above all, what result has given you in your battles.

  • This card we can get in Arena 5 .

15 Poison

It covers the affected area with a sticky toxin that damages and slows down the troops and structures, gives them poison, they want to die, give them poison!

With this card, we will be able to finish with the troops that are in their range of action. It will last 10 seconds. Obviously will end the troops to within a limit, with the troops of much life can not with them.

A great combination of attack is to launch the graveyard and accompany it with poison, the cost of elixir is not exaggerated with which you can still defend.

  • This card will be unlocked in Arena 5.

14 Freeze Spell

As its name implies, It is a freezing card who freezes. Freeze both buildings and troops, ie freeze everything for a little or too long depending on whether you throw it you or your opponent.

The Freeze Spell is very important both attacking and defending, you can freeze everything and nobody will attacks you while you try to break an enemy tower or you can stop your troops when they are approaching your tower. You decide the best way to use it and when to use it.

  • This card we will be able to unlock in Arena 4.

13 Rage Spell

All Clash of Clans players knows what this great spell is capable of doing, this will increase the movement and speed of your troops by 35%. Faster, more damage, more destruction.

This spell will make your troops improve all their abilities but if your troops die, then what accelerates ?, well nothing. That’s why this is not one of the best ideas to put in your deck. Unless you can attack with a large number of cards and you can ensure their survival.

  • This card will be unlocked in Arena 3.

12 Ballon

As beautiful as they are, you will not want any of balloon to wander around your area going straight to your tower. When they appear, or they fall or you fall.

The balloon is going to be a unit that will only go towards the buildings like the Giant or Hog Rider does, this one will have a lot of damage from the very level 1. One thing I am going to tell you, as the enemy has the Ice spell and get nothing to shoot your balloon, sorry but the game will be over.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 3

11 Giant Skeleton

The bigger the skeleton, the bigger the pump. It carries a bomb that will neutralize everything in its passage as soon as the giant skeleton dies.

This giant skeleton is not going to have much damage since the really dangerous of this is the bomb that drops when dying. A bomb that will explode your troops and end them. In defense what you have to do is try to distract him with small troops while the towers and other troops from a far try to kill him.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 2

10 Goblin Barrel

This card is going to launch in a barrel to 3 Goblins of a high level anywhere in the Arena, an exciting trip.

The Barrel of Goblins is a very powerful card that will help you both attack and defense but especially in attack because it is able to put 3 Goblins in the enemy tower in a matter of seconds and without any effort.Your weak point is the arrows, if you have arrows in your deck you will only have to worry about having enough Elixir when they are thrown at you.

Goblin Barrel’s weak point is the arrows, if you have arrows in your deck you will only have to worry about having enough Elixir when they are thrown at you.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 1

9 Lightning

Another of the spells we clearly inherited from the Clash of Clans and that we will find in Clash Royale.

The lightning spell is going to be very useful since it will send three powerful rays to the three troops or buildings that have more life in their range of action. A fairly intelligent ray that will help us defeat our enemies.

It must be taken into account that the damage to defensive towers is reduced.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 1

8 Witch

He summons skeletons, shoots everything he sees, and bright pink eyes that unfortunately do not fire lasers, but they figure a lot.

The Witch a great troop within the Arena, invokes skeletons of the very high level that will distract the troops while the witch and your other letters finish them. Another of the card that we must put on our deck. Inside the epic charts of Clash Royale, this is one of those that can clearly mark the difference.

  • We can unlock it in the training camp.

7 Skeletons Army

Summons an army of skeletons in the Arena. Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Marry, etc. Nothing more or nothing less than Larry with his 19 friends.

This card will be very useful to stop the large and slow units that do not have splash damage and sure that we will have skeletons left to be able to continue attacking our enemy and to take advantage of the card at its highest level.

  • We can unlock it in the training camp.

6 The prince

Do not let the little pony you are riding on fool you, once it starts running it will do more damage when it reaches the target.

The prince will be a card practically unstoppable during the first arena, but as soon as you are more experienced and in the higher arena you will realize that this card does not pose any problem and you will easily stop it by performing easy counters.

  • We can unlock it in the training camp.

5 Dark Prince

This will be the brother of the prince but a little weaker but with the ability to hit many more enemies at once. The Dark Prince is going to be a card that will have a lot of damage, not as much as the prince’s but with a big point in his favor that will be area damage.

In the high arena, both princes separately are not great cards by themselves, but if we combine them, with the great strength of the Prince and the area of effect of the Dark Prince, we will cause chaos.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 7
  • The Dark Prince is a fantastic fighter who inflicts area damage with each hit and double hits when charged.

4 Baby Dragon

This is a troop that does damage and flies, is a cute baby dragon, hungry and ready to make a barbecue in the Arena. This card we can unlock in the Training Field.

The Dragon Baby is another of the most powerful cards within the Arena as it attacks both land and air units. If you want a good coverage within the arena it is best that you plan to take this baby in your deck given its great versatility attacking aerial as land and with an attack for nothing despicable.

  • We can unlock it in the training camp.

3 X-Bow

Unfold this defensive building, a moment, defensive or attacking? , This is a question that has many people going through the head.

The answer is that it is both, this Clash Royale card will make it possible to break an enemy tower from your side of the Arena without having to cross to the other side. You will only have to take care of defending it well and that nothing annoys. If you take care of defending it correctly, you will have a very good chance that the victory is yours.

  • This card will be unlocked in Arena 3.
  • If a bit expensive as it costs 6 Elixir.


Strongly armored for hand-to-hand combat but very slow due to its great armor. It’s the PEKKA!

PEKKA has a great capacity of distraction so you will have to kill and break everything that crosses your path if you do not want the PEKKA to do virtually anything. If you play Clash of Clans you already know how the PEKKA is mounted and how useful it can be if your good choices and the stars come together.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 4

1 Golem

Slow but tough, the Golem will only attack buildings. When it is destroyed it will divide with an explosion giving rise to two Golemites. And keep doing damage from two flanks.

This card will give us the same utility as the giant but take into account that it will have much more life and much more damage. It is one of the most expensive cards in the collection. So you have to release it at the end so that it goes recharging the necessary elixir. The fact that it is divided into two Golemites is a surprise.

  • We can unlock it in Arena 6

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