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Clash Royale Chest Cycle and Chest Order

Each player has 4 slots for chests, and we can receive a chest after finishing a winning battle (if there is any chest slot empty). But which chest will we receive? At first, chests dropping seems random and the chests can be silver, gold, giant and magical. Most of the time we receive the silver chest. Have you ever wondered that Is there any chest cycle in this chest dropping?

  • Silver Chest
  • Golden Chest
  • Giant Chest
  • Magical Chest
  • Epic Chest
  • Super Magical Chest
  • Legendary chest

But what would you say if I told you that getting high-quality chests is not random and there is a pattern followed by chest drop? yES, It is true that you can track your chest cycle and predict the next chest which is going to appear. In this article, I will guide you how the Chest Rotation Works. So, Keep a track of your chest opening pattern and plan a chest opening strategy.

clash royale chest order list

What’s The Chest Cycle in Clash Royale?

As we already discussed that chest drop in Clash Royale is not random but the chest rotation follows a prefix system and your chests are rotated over and over again in the same pattern. Now this pattern is no longer a secret and we are going to0 share this here on ClashXP.

The following chart shows the whole cycle, do not include the SuperMagical and legendary chests since they maintain a different cycle.

In past, the first chest was which you get in your training camp. On the other hand, they have also changed the numbers in which the different types of chests appear. According to New Chest Cycle, they do not count the chests which you receive in training camp.

No. of Different Chest in one Chest Cycle

Total number of chests in cycle240
Total number of Silver Chests180
Total number of Gold chests52
Total number of Giant / Magical chests4 Per

chest cycle order list

MisConceptions in Chest Order

Skip Chests

Each battle you have won implies you have been given a chest number. You are only assigned a chest number if you have free slots. Or put another way, you will not lose chests if you do not have slots available.

  • Don’t worry, the cycle stops when you have all your slots used with chests. Keep playing and more wins and for more gold.
  • You can not skip Silver chests(or any chest) by winning games when you have no chest slot available. You will get all chests one by one. Again and again.

Random Chests in Chest Rotation

We have discussed that how Silver Chests, Golden Chests, Giant Chests and Magical Chests rotate in a chest cycle pattern. But Some people receive super magical chest (or even a Legendary Chest) for free by battles even if these chests are not in the cycle shown above.

Yes, It is true that you can receive these chests via battle win. But, dropping these chests are random. Someone with luck could get one at any time. If you get one by chance, keep in your mind that this chest will replace the regular chest according to the cycle. Most of the time giant or magical chest changed for an SMC or LG and original chest skipped.

Super Magical and Legendary Chest Drop Rate or Pattern

I stated above that Super magical and legendary chests drop doesn’t have a pattern in chest dropping cycle. I was not lying but they have a probability of dropping these chests.

  • Super magical chests have a probability of 0.2% (or you could quit 1 in 500). Means if you will get 1 SMC in every 500 winning battles which reward you a chest. You may need to wait for 999 chests for next super magical chest but you will finally get it.
  • If you are in the legendary arena: You will get 1 legendary chests within 1 complete cycle (Every 240 chests).
  • If you are in any below legendary arena: You will get 1 legendary chests within 2 complete cycles (Every 480 chests).

Remember that the Legendary Chest can be obtained from the store, and this can contain any legendary card regardless of the Arena in which you are located.

There are some more tips which we sometimes we get from ClashXP readers. Drop a comment below if you have some idea, tip and we will add it here.

  • Free chests and crown chests that you receive are not counted in that cycle.
  • This cycle of chests is the same for all the levels of Clash Royale only difference is in contents inside of the chest, the higher your arena the greater reward you will get from them.

Wrapping It Up

Chests are indispensable in Clash Royale. We get the vast majority of cards in chests. There are different types of chests and each has its own reward like Gold, Gems and New and existing cards, which allow us to raise card level. The reward each chest contains depends upon the level of player.

No doubt the chests are the most important element in Clash Royale, as far as growing our account is concerned.

The above Clash Royale drop rate information is has been revealed because it is placed in the source code of the game (although very well hidden). And thanks to that it has been possible to know which chest falls at what time. You can now know if the next chest is silver or gold, or is a much more important.

  • The Distribution Of Chests in Clash Royale is Not Random and Follows a Pattern.
  • You can not skip any chest from chest order. You can just predict the nest chest you are going to get. With that, you can make an effective strategy for opening chests.
  • Super Magical Chests & Legendary Chests drop randomly and there is nothing you can predict. Yet there is a probability of dropping them.

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