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3 Best Clash Royale Chest Tracker Reviewed

The Clash Royale Chest Tracker is a handy tool to predict the next chest you are going to get. Now there are a bunch of chest cycle trackers are available online and on play store. Some of them are awesome and provide a lot of data but some of them are full of crap.

So we decided to review the 3 Best clash royale chest tracker to make your life easier.

Starfire Clash Royale Chest Tracker

Take advantage in Clash Royale with Starfire, the app that predicts the chests and much more. Starfire will show you personal statistics, clan, and your deck, as well as the chests you receive the next time you win. It a brutal tool for those who want to get the most out of Clash Royale from one page.

It is Starfire, and you can access it both on the web or if you are more comfortable download it directly to your mobile phone as it is also an application that is found on iOS and Android systems. For this you have to have your player tag on hand, that is achieved by clicking on your name and you will see the following way entering your profile within the game.

The application is completely free except that it has integrated advertising.

I have 470 chests until I get a Super Magical and 580 until a Legendary and 21 until I get an Epic. The basis of how to chest cycle in ‘Clash Royale’ works is a little more complicated than that number, but thanks to we can know clearly what chests we will get in the following games.

clash royale chest cycle tracker

Without a doubt, its main attraction is to see how many chests you have to open before you get a magical, super magic or legendary. You can see up to the next 30 chests you will receive. In addition, underneath, the chests that remain until those that are legendary and others. A good incentive to continue playing.

We were surprised to see how reliable it is and always right. Not only that, but you have detailed statistics of your account. Whether it is the percentage of won and lost, your favorite card, the arena in which you are, level, cups, etc.

Starfi clash tracker

I liked the way you have to analyze your statistics. It shows you how many times you have destroyed the three towers, how many times you have won and lost, your favorite card, your greatest number of trophies and the cards you have donated.

Check if your current deck is working or not: It is very interesting to be able to see how your deck works and how much you win and lose.

Starfi chest cycle tracker

Another thing we can look at is the statistics of our current deck. Since we have it, we can see how many times we have won, lost or tied. In my case, this deck is working very well. Do you want something more general? You can see a statistic in graph form of your progress with the trophies you get.

Do you want to see how your account evolves and what is the next chest you will receive? Keep an eye on Starfire.

Final Words

As it is something that Supercell unveiled a very short time ago and shared with Clash Royale community. So you can all be calm that it is something that can be done with total security, is legal and will not be banned by it. Chest trackers don’t mess with the game itself and don’t need a rooted device. So yeah, feel free to install it.

I tried them once to make sure they are working fine so I can suggest to those who wanna use a chest tracker app. But, I personally don’t use any of the above chest trackers regularly because-

  • There is no REAL benefit from that apps.
  • Yeah, you will know the chest you are going to get but you can not alter it. So it won’t make a difference.

Instead of using these apps I do some time and chest management.

  • Try to open short time required chests when you are playing. So you will be available to open more chests. So open as many silver chests as possible.
  • If you have Golden or higher chests in your chest slots then wait for the time when you are going to offline for some long time. Initiate that chests and your chest slots will keep running even you are offline. Initiate at least one golden chest in the night time.

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